1. Who is KK's share registrar?

Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited (TSD)
93 Ratchadaphisek Road, Dindaeng, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel. 0-2009-9999, Fax: 0-2009-9991

Shareholders can make changes to their personal information, such as changes in titles, name, surname, and/or current mailing address, by filling out the Shareholders' Data Change Form, attaching to it a copy of their national ID card with their certifying signature. (In cases where the changes are in one's title, name and/or surname, please attach the original stock certificate(s), together with certified copies of evidence issued by related government agencies identifying the changes in title, name and/or surname, e.g., a marriage certificate).

In transferring share ownership, share certificates must be endorsed by both the assignor and the assignee, and required documents.

You must fill out a request form to issue replacement stock certificates for the lost ones. Required documents will include:

  1. A copy of the complaint form document filed at a police station identifying the name of the shareholder, the serial number(s) of shares and the total number of shares held. For further details, please contact the Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd., at Tel 0-2009-9999.
  2. A copy of the ID card of the shareholder, with certifying signature.

There are two methods for checking the total number of shares in your name:

  1. If you hold a "scripless" stock-trading account with a securities company, you can check the total number of shares with that company.
  2. If you hold stock certificates, you can check the total number of registered shares with the Bank's Registrar, the Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited, Tel. 0-2009-9999.

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